Professional Carpet Cleaning

When you need to hire a carpet cleaner, you want to know that you’re using someone experienced.

After all, this isn’t about some kind of quick spruce.

You’re after a thorough, professional clean. A super-deep clean that will wash all the stains out of your carpet, freshen it up and have it looking as good as new.

Well, at FAB Carpet Cleaning,
we live and breathe carpets.

We love what we do and, over the years, we’ve tackled just about every stain you can think of and just about every kind of property.

From chili con carne to dog hair, student mess to kiddie chaos, hotels to hostels, there’s nothing we haven’t seen before.

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Why get your
crapet cleaned?

When it’s done right, having a carpet cleaned properly will transform your home and your health. Aesthetically, of course, the bonus is huge. Your rejuvenated carpets will look fantastic and brighten up any room. In that respect, our work will leave you feeling like you’ve got a brand new carpet to enjoy.

But our work will also improve the lifespan of your carpets. Our carpet cleaning services remove the build-up of dust and soils that build deep within the fibres. Without a regular deep clean, that kind of debris can cause serious damage over time. Meanwhile, having a fresh and hygienic carpet will improve the air quality in your home and will also give you peace of mind whenever you, your kids or your friends and family are around.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Once we arrive at your home, we’ll move any large pieces of furniture to one side. So this is stuff like chairs, sofas and tables. If you’ve got any fragile or valuable items on display, it’s best to put them somewhere safe before we get there.
Our first job is to vacuum your carpet with a high filtration commercial machine. We’ll then scan your carpet closely and identify any difficult stains. Next, we’ll pre-spray those troublesome marks with our highly-effective cleaning solution. Before moving on, we’ll use our specialist cleaning equipment to agitate the carpet and ensure that our pre-spray has been evenly distributed. Once this spray has gone deep into the fibres, it’s time to get all that dirt out. Finally, we’ll use our turbo dryers to rapidly dry your carpet, so you’ll be able to walk on it immediately. Obviously we’ll move all your furniture back into place and apply protective tabs to the base of anything that might mark or stain the newly cleaned carpet. We’ll ask you to inspect our work. And only when you’re totally happy will we pack away our stuff and be on our way.

Carpet Cleaning Prices

Here’s the thing about any kind of service:

You’ll always find someone cheaper. We’re not interested in a race to the bottom. We think we’re one of the best carpet cleaners in the UK and we’ve got testimonials from hundreds of happy customers to back that up. We simply care about cleaning carpets to an incredible standard, thanks to our high quality machinery and our attention to detail. Yes, that might mean that we’re a little more expensive than some of our competitors, but ultimately, you get what you pay for. Our priority is providing an astonishingly high level of care and customer service from start to finish. So, would you like a quote for your carpets?

We don’t like to estimate costs over the phone, since every job is different. However, if you give us some info about the job (such as the size of the carpets and the stains that need tackling), I can give you an estimate. If you’d like a more accurate quote, let’s arrange a convenient time to visit your home. Simply give us a call to get started.

Carpet Cleaning Products

Our carpet cleaning machinery is extremely powerful and effective.

Most of our competitors rely on weak, portable carpet cleaning equipment, but we use a van-mounted HydraMaster hot water extraction cleaning system.

When we arrive at your home, you might be surprised to learn that the machine is fixed on our van, but we can still reach the most awkward of places.

Even multi-story flats are a breeze.

We also use some of the best and environmentally friendly chemical cleaning solutions in the industry.
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