Dry Carpet Cleaning

Natural plant carpets are composed of fine fibres, such as jute, hemp, sisal, sea grass or coir, and it is most likely to be damaged if cleaned with water-based methods. Regular hoovering may eliminate general dust and grime, but rapid humidity fluctuations.

In contrary to other carpet cleaning methods, dry carpet cleaning utilizes the power of a fine chemical compound, while diminishing any dampening. This is why dry carpet cleaning is by far the best recognized method for both regular and emergency treatment of your natural fibre carpets. When on site, our dry carpet cleaning technicians will deeply hoover the flooring, detaching dirt stuck to the fabric. The carpet is then sprinkled with damp soft powder, which is both a strong dirt solvent and a harmless biodegradable product.

We take pride in the work of our well trained and trustworthy carpet cleaning technicians with years of experience.

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