Carpet protection
Scotchgard – Stainguard

Soft furnishings are an expensive investment in your home or business premises, which is why we recommend following your clean with the added security of an optional protector.

Carpet/upholstery protection will prolong the life of the clean and protect your furnishings from accidental spillages and staining, which not only look unsightly, but in the worst cases can completely ruin your carpets and rugs.
By applying our protector, it gives you time to mop up those unfortunate accidents before they have the opportunity to penetrate the fibres of the material, plus it means any marking is more easily removed the next time your carpets or rugs are professionally cleaned.

Our high quality and odour free products ensure your carpets and upholstery remain protected against both oil and water based contaminants and keeps your home looking and smelling fresher!
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