End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning


I would like to tell you about the case I have had couple of days ago…

One of the Estate agent based in Exeter, contacted me regarding carpets in one of the property which they managing. Person on the phone said that tenants moved out, and they should cleaned carpets when they vacate the property. Tenants provided the receipt for the living room carpet cleaning from one of the carpet cleaning business based in Exeter, but they are not too sure if the carpets been cleaned as they do not look very good even after clean.

I have arrived to the property, and after first look on the carpets they looked quite “tired” to not say dirty. I have had information from the Estate agent that there also was a dog in the property.

Please have a look on the attached photos to see what I was able to remove from the carpets.

Below photos show hair, dust which has been removed during agitation of the carpets.

You can clearly see the difference.

When you are moving out from rented property, and would like to have peace in mind that your deposit will be returned in full, without any questions if the carpets been cleaned professionally. Please here Professional Carpet Cleaner, it would cost more than hiring the small machine from supermarket, but you wont be paying twice for the carpet cleaner to clean properly carpets in your vacated property.

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