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Sofa cleaning in Exeter

Cleaning your furniture on regular basic is important to not say very important. You may not see that your sofa or chair are shouting for clean. below quick example how look sofa during cleaning process:   For free no obligation quotation call Luke on 01392 300888

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Upholstery Cleaning Exeter

When I turn up to take full survey on this suit I was worry about end results. This sofa never been cleaned before, and day by day was attacked by two lovely kids of my customer. On the sofa I find a lots of chocolate, drinks spills etc all what you can expect from kids [...]

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Sofa Cleaning Exeter

We had a call from Sally who needs her sofa cleaned. After short phone conversation, I make appointment for full survey and quotation on site. When I arrived to have a look Upholstery, I find out quite badly stained sofa where Sally`s kids have a fun time ;) On photo below you can see sofa [...]

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