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Sofa Cleaning Exeter

We had a call from Sally who needs her sofa cleaned. After short phone conversation, I make appointment for full survey and quotation on site. When I arrived to have a look Upholstery, I find out quite badly stained sofa where Sally`s kids have a fun time ;) On photo below you can see sofa [...]

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Exeter Carpet Cleaning Job

Our one of many carpet cleaning jobs in Exeter was for a large home which was being prepared for sale, we were tasked with deep cleaning all carpets throughout the house over 2 floors. The photograph seen below demonstrates the incredible cleaning results our service delivers every time to our customers.   Deep carpet cleaning [...]

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Carpet Cleaning Service Exeter

Our carpet cleaning service offers homes and businesses the best possible service at an affordable price. The photo below shows an example of the amazing results we deliver to our customers, getting even the most dirty, soiled and dull carpets almost like new again. We keep carpets cleaner for longer by thoroughly rinsing them and [...]

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Restaurant Carpet Cleaning

We cleaned Carpets in Chinese restaurant last July. When We finish customer was very happy with results. Below is a picture of us part way through the clean.   If you would like any advice or would like a FREE quote of your restaurant carpets, upholstery, please don’t hesitate to give us a call 01392 [...]

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